Data for AI

Make your AI smarter with Pangeanic Data.

The fuel of every machine learning algorithm is data, data for AI.

The general availability of open source software and NLP personnel have accelerated the possibility of each organization creating its own Artificial Intelligence processes. The fuel of every machine learning algorithm is data, data for AI.

As corporations worldwide look to harness the potential of AI, they need to farm data for AI from diverse sources. Pangeanic is your partner for data that can make your systems grown and scale.

Data for AI

Quality of data for AI is decisive

Machine Learning uses data to identify correlations and structures. Artificial Intelligence algorithms identify patterns to help you gain insights from massive amounts of data and can help you solve problems which would require thousands or millions of human hours to process. Data can be:

Pangeanic has the right mixture of data scientists, linguists, developers and HR to source quality data for your processes.

Parallel (examples in two languages, from which machine translation systems are created)
Annotated (for named-entity recognition),
Theme pictures
Positive or negative sentiment on sentences
Other purposes such as classification, keyword identification and extraction, which are the basis of eDiscovery.

Custom Data Collection in more than 90 languages - Training Sets and AI Testing

Pangeanic can supply massive and scalable data from its massive 10Bn alignment repository or deliver people-based custom solutions for AI training data sets.

Each project is carefully evaluated and specific set of rules created so our professional linguists manage data collection, banking on the +20 years of language service experience and experience as an NLP developer since 2009. All Pangeanic data scale, are accurate, and adapt to every client particular needs.

Training Sets and AI Testing

Types of data-for-ai

Parallel Text Data for Machine Learning-Deep Learning
We provide clean, parallel segments from our large data stock or as made-to-order translation services. All translated data passes strict quality checks and verifications for cleanliness and ML-worthiness.

Pangeanic is very used to manage large translation resources in different time zones and peak production peaks, covering more than 85 languages and non-English combinations (Polish-German, Spanish-Chinese, Arabic-French to name a few).

Human data is the key to success for any ML/DL project and it ensures far less noise than aligning web translations (scraping) or crowdsourcing. As developers of machine translation systems, we understand the effects of bad quality data in any algorithm and rely heavily in scalable human processes combined with our long experience in translation services quality control.

Pangeanic has a full department dedicated to gathering, verifying, cleaning, collecting, augmenting and curating parallel data.

Image and video data
Pangeanic can tag image and video data so you can train object recognition systems.

We understand that any object recognition system requires large image data sets. Our engineering team will work closely with you to build a compatible labeling and annotation data pipeline.

Our custom services include custom image capture and annotation (for example, bounding boxes, handwriting recognition, and multilingual video transcription).

Sentimental Analysis
Sentiment analysis tools are developed to analyze strings, documents, pieces of text or social media inputs to determine user sentiment /opinions. Sentiment analysis combines machine learning and Natural Language Processing to achieve this.

Sentiment analysis is a powerful technique in Artificial intelligence that has important business applications.

We can provide +, – and neutral human classification of content on our platform and export tagged content so you can build your own multilingual sentiment classifiers.

Audio Data
We can combine fresh multilingual audio data and classify it [tag] with positive, negative and neutral sentiment. Annotation services are also available.

ASR systems require large quantities of high-quality audio data recorded from numerous contexts and environments. Pangeanic has the resources to provide custom audio data sets that match specific requirements such as age, accent, language, speaker profile, subject matter, and also background noise.