Deep Adaptive Machine Translation

Create your own, private translation ecosystem with deeply adapted neural MT engines

Deep Adaptive

Pangea deep adaptive machine learning algorithms will automatically select the most relevant content and prioritize incoming material with different levels of aggressivity to create state-of-the-art, ready-to-use MT engines that will mimic the user’s style and expressions practically like a human translator.

Choose three levels of deep customization in machine learning with your own content to automatically create deeply adapted machine translation engines with your own content.

Differences between Custom Machine Translation and Deep Adaptive MT

Custom Machine Translation

Engines are created from scratch with some, little or no data from the client. Pangea can mine data and create a domain specific MT engine that also covers many language areas.

Deep Adaptive Machine Translation

Clients start from any of our stock engines, built with a minimum of 15 million bilingual segments covering most knowledge areas. Domain specific content is prioritized in 3 different levels of aggressivity (light, heavy machine learning or an aggressive training). Each level creates specific routines of machine learning and data weighing over the rest of the already learnt data.
Pangea Machine Technology proprietary technologies will create a clone engine from our stock that will highly mimic the newly learnt vocabulary and processes. These engines are extremely fit-for-purpose and ideal when users have very specific client terminology that may be at odds with general terminology outside their sector (textile, banking and finance, law, construction, engineering, etc.)
Deep Adaptive Machine Translation is very affordable for LSPs and corporate clients for peak production times or the long run. You can specialize a few MT engines for specific projects and call them once a year or every day or just create them for a specific need. No need to run glossaries!