Language Processing Solutions PangeaMT:

Natural Language Processing & Machine Translation Company

We build your engines

Our mission is to develop and transfer Artificial Intelligence services and neural Machine Translation Technology to corporations, cognitive companies, organizations and institutions. We are your artificial intelligence company specialized in machine translation, data gathering, anonymization, summarization, audio transcription, sentiment analysis, e-Discovery, and many AI+Natural Language Processing combinations. In fact, whatever your language processing needs, PangeaMT builds a solution to incorporate and improve language processes in your business. We will empower you to truly make Natural Language Processing work for you, extract knowledge, classify text and documents by domains, and create structured data, in any language.

Point us to relevant sources to collect material or use our vast linguistic resources to build your own neural machine translation solution, host it in our secure Cloud or your own servers. We will add state-of-the-art natural language processing technologies, clean data to establish a virtuous circle of deep machine learning, feedback and neural engine update and re-train. Yes, machine translation technologies can be integrated and embedded in your day-to-day activities and become part of your technology portfolio. With Pangea Machine Technologies, you will find an AI solution based on natural language processing and machine learning that fits your needs.

Unlike other machine translation companies with heavy per-word pricing models, Pangea offers you the possibility of hosting your neural machine translation engines in our private and secure cloud or deploy them directly in your servers. And all this with extremely powerful APIs and connection to popular CAT tools or on-line editing programs for review. Our machine translation systems can easily plug to third-party Content Management Systems.

“PangeaMT’s business model is disruptive. We create hybrid neural machine translation systems through Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Users can now pick ready-made, near-human quality neural machine translation engines or customize their own rather than being considered incapable of running their own technological decisions.”
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