Pangeanic follows a constant improvement policy with regard to all PangeaMT developments. We are a forward-looking, innovation-driven company, always eager to test, adopt and apply the latest MT-related techniques, also for the languages that are being used or considered by our customers.

An example of this would be the improved version that PangeaMT has been made available today to Sybase, one long-standing client for the English-German language pair.
This version makes use of special tokenization techniques and post-processing modules to reach a considerably better output.

The version is customization of Moses that integrates features such as
* TMX generator (for TMX input and output)
* TXT data handling
* Inline parser to handle tags and formatting information contained in TMX directed to documentation (HTML, FrameMaker, InDesign, Word, etc)
* Cygwin integration

If you are considering the implementation of MT in your workflow, please contact Ms Elia Yuste at our Business Development Department.

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