Manuel Herranz, Pangeanic’s CEO will be presenting at the international W3C Workshop: Content on the Multilingual Web in Pisa, Italy, later on today.

This Workshop is linked to the EU-funded Multilingual Web project geared at establishing best practices and standards related to all aspects of creating, localizing and deploying the Web multilingually.

Manuel’s talk is entitled Open Standards in Machine Translation. The abstract is as follows:

The web is an open space and the standards by which it is “governed” must be open. However, one barrier clearly remains to make the web even more transnational and truly global. This has been called “the language barrier”. Language Service Providers translation business model is clearly antiquated and it is increasingly being questioned when we face real translation needs by web users. Here, immediacy is paramount. This talk is about open standards in machine translation technologies and workflows, supporting a truly multilingual web.

More information about the rest of speakers’ contributions and the event can be found here.

If you could not make it to Pisa, you can still follow the Workshop bymeans of the video streaming option or through Twitter.

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