Two members of our team took part in the Marie Curie project EXPERT Summer School meeting in Dublin in August 2014.  As coordinators of the event together with the University of Wolverhampton and DCU, Pangeanic’s Alex Helle and Manuel Herranz co-presented on “Project management from an industrial perspective” to the young and experienced researchers who are part of the research team divided among several European universities.

This presentation dealt with the needs researchers one day will face as managers of project teams at Universities or at private industry. Click on the following link to obtain a copy of the Project Management presentation at EXPERT.

Pangeanic's presentation project management from an industrial perspective

The second presentation by Pangeanic dealt with the different publication strategies, channels and methods researchers have to face and why some channels need more precaution than others. Alex Helle touched upon free and commercial tools available to researchers, too.

Pangeanic's presentation Publication Strategies

Pangeanic’s presentation Publication Strategies










The second presentation Pangeanic Publication Strategies at EXPERT  is also freely available for download.

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