Manuel Herranz CEO

Manuel Herranz

CEO and co-founder
MIT in Entrepreneurship, Manuel worked for major automobile manufacturers and power generation in the UK in the 90’s with postings in Argentina, Mexico and his native Spain. His background in machine translation comes from his mission to automate language processes for BI Corp, the Japanese corporation he worked from 1998-2005.

A founding member of TAUS and data sharing initiatives, Manuel has focused on consulting and development of MT technologies with real practical applications and provides true value to clients. His ongoing research and development made PangeaMT’s initial statistical offerings to become based on neural networks, adaptive technologies, pattern recognition and deep learning applied to Natural Language Processing supplying cutting-edge solutions at institutional and government level in Europe, the US and Japan.

Manuel is also committed to supporting NGO actions like the Malima Project for primary education in Africa, as well as Translators Without Borders, medical research into rare diseases and sports events.

Amando Estela

Amando is a seasoned executive with experience in security systems for banking sector after 15 years at IBM and partnering with CISCO and CapGemini. He has made use of his extensive experience in digital infrastructures to advance the PangeaMT platform.

He has a background in internet Projects, security and on-line distributed environments, distributed infrastructure management, building workflows and Document Management Systems.

Anna Fernández

Anna is a seasoned legal professional with more than 20 years experience in the IP and HR fields. She is a member of several legal associations in Spain.

She has worked as an external consultant for different companies in anonymization / GDPR, personal data and social networks, copyright and accessory services, e-Commerce and Forms of preventive and reactive protection (Enforcement).

She has participated in the drafting of the Framework Agreement on Data Sharing of the European Commission’s NEC-TM Project.

Laurent Bié

Senior Software Programmer
French-born mathematician, Laurent is a curious mind always up to a challenge. “Continuous learning” is his motto, which translates into imaginative, problem-solving and client-focused solutions.

Soon after graduating, Laurent fell in love with the poetry of code and his life-long passion for software engineering was born. He has specialised in practically all computer languages for the last 15 years. “What I love most is to put into practice the research I do”, he says.

His most recent passion is how Artificial Intelligence will impact [positively] our lives and how it can enhance our capabilities, particularly in the language field and in general in most NLP disciplines such as knowledge management, NER, anonymization and machine translation.

Mercedes García

Chief Scientist
Mercedes is a PhD from the Computer Lab at the University of Le Mans in France. Her thesis was one of the first in the world to research neural translation models and applying factorial models to neural machine translation.

She has also taken specialized courses in neural networks, and on machine translation. Mercedes has also participated in courses on translation technologies and research on the translation process at the Copenhagen Business School. In addition, she has over 25 scientific publications in international journals and conferences and 166 citations in Google Scholar. Know more about her here.

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