There are many reasons why you may want to own your own machine translation technology

And what better way to understand the reasons as to why you should own your machine translation system and have a platform customized for your clients and applications.
This is the A-Z of why a PangeaMT system is the most flexible option if you want to grow your own environment.

a) We will install a PangeaMT system in your server.
b) Our team will run engine customization into a language of your choice.
c) Our team will run engine customization into several languages if you plan to serve machine translation in a corporate environment.
d) Every installation comes with 3 testing iterations in each you take part.
e) 30-day trial.
f) Unlimited translation requests – you pay for a system, not for the words!
g) API for internal and external (web services) calls.
h) Full compatibility with MemoQ and other CAT tools (SDL Studio, MemSource, xliff).
i ) Monolingual and Bilingual training.
j) Unlimited number of engines created by the client (after system training).
k) 1-day online training (if on-site training is required, traveling costs TBA)
l) Customizable cleaning routines.
m) Customizable rules (powerful pre- and post-processing modules).
n) Separate routines for each language family (Japanese, Romance, etc).
o) 1-year maintenance fee included in the purchase price – afterwards a low maintenance fee.
p) Unlimited number of retrainings by client with future post-editing material.
q) Unlimited number of domain creation by client.
r) Different user role management by client.
s) Possibility of white-branding.
t) External systems calls accepted (Apertium, Google, Bing) for extra convenience.
u) Freedom-to-grow: PangeaMT is not limited to SMT and caters for change of translation engine to hierarchical models, factored systems, etc.
v) Translate live (API) or files (docx, pptx, html, xliff, etc)
w) Clever tag and in-line management, as reported by use cases with Sybase and Sony. No plain text returns!
x) Autoexecutable installation in stable Linux environment
y) Powerful Fast-Aligner
z) Powerful metrics and scores to report on engine health and progress

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