From PangeaMT, the pioneers of open-source machine-translation systems in commercial translation environments¹

Now, the ultimate release which will help you gain technological independence and build your own MT eco-system, updating it and making grow as you work. Use powerful, tested Moses in a new customized PangeaMT package to retrain and update your engines at will as if you were updating translation memories and create new domains.

Shorter is better, so here’s a brief list of the new features that will let you be in control of your own solution and make it grow in the direction(s) you wish:

* Build a training structure (domain or theme directories within a language: financial, technical, marketing, etc).

* Populate each directory with the bitext TMX files.

* Choose the incremental retraining procedure (time or more data). Your engines will keep on using your new data and improving translation results.

* Create new combination engines at will “engineering + financial” for mixed domains.

* Feed your own data or add more data from other sources: you are your own master to personalize each engine for each of your clients or for a vertical domain.

* Receive translation data as TMX, XLIFF, txt, ttx, etc.

* Post-edit using the tool of your choice. Leverage TM and MT.

Components & benefits

* Stats Control Panel – all the data you have in your system: number of words, sentences, scores.

* Easy workflow: internal data delivery or download, email.

* No translation data leaves your organization – added security for your clients.

* Mark glossaries and DNT to keep your terminology prevailing in specific jobs or clients.

* PangeaMT’s consultancy service on post-editing, tools and processes.

 ¹As reported in AMTA's last conference and acknowledged by EuroMatrix Plus.

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